ICNP®Research in Japan

This site has been created as a part of the Japanese ICNP® research project. The project has received a three-year funding from the Health Sciences Research Grants at the Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare. Objectives of the project are as follows: refinement of the translation; development of a thesaurus; examination of the structure; validation of the terms and definitions; and identification of additional terms.

This site allows everyone to download Japanese translation of ICNP beta 2, and to use the on-line ICNP term search program as well. The site also provides the references related to the ICNP in Japanese.

If you would like to know more about Japanese ICNP research, please write to icnp@umin.ac.jp We will be happy to share information with ICNP researchers in other countries..

Japanese Nursing Association ICNP® Research Project
Members (TERMS: April, 2003-March, 2005)
Shigemi Sato KAMITSURU, RN, PhD, Japanese Nursing Association
Masayo KASHIWAGI, RN, PHN, MHS, Japanese Nursing Association
Kimikazu KASHIWAGI, RN, MHS, National College of Nursing
Mikiko MATSUDA, RN, Keio University Hospital
Masahiro YANAGIDA, RN, PHN, Japanese Nursing Association

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